The Girls

Dolly and Dazie
My Dixie's daughters!
​Dixie and Ruby
My girls that are mothers for our 1st gen Cockapoos are all registered       AKC American Cocker Spaniels. They range from 16-22 lbs. My Doodle moms are all F1b. All Mommas have passed all Health Testing!       
Dayzie is a petite AKC Cocker Spaniel.  Only 15lbs.  She will make smaller 1st Gen Cinnamon Cockapoos with 7lbs Jeter. Check out the Cockapoo puppies page.
    Cookie Blue
    Cookie, is Cappachino and Merlin's daughter with 2 blue eyes.  She breds with a chocolate/white parti poodle, named Galahad, belonging to Cheryl at Rpuppies. They make small chocolate/white Cockapoos first generation.  Cookie is a sweet quiet dog and a Great Mother!! 
Jeter Toy AKC poodle 7 lbs.
Father to most pups now.
My Doodle Moms that make Mini Doodles with Jeter are:
Left to right,

Ginger, 38lbs, retired Goldendoodle F1b

Willow, 28lbs, Goldendoodle F1b

Penny, 28lbs,    Labradoodle F1b

All three have Tobi as father.
Dolly is a sweet larger Cocker like Cookie. She is Jeter's girl and will make beautiful Cinnamon pups with him.
Ruby, buff and Dixie, buff and white, are My Dixie's girls. My Dixie was rehomed to an active home with another cocker for Dixie to pal around with!  These girls will make beautiful Cinnamon Cockapoos with Jeter. 15-22lbs.