Welcome to Homesteadpups '23                                              Updated 9/9/23

 Would you like to see some happy, healthy and beautiful pups? 

We have had a hard year producing.  5 litters of Cockapoo litters, did NOT happen. And Ginger's last planned litter of mini doodles, didn't produce.  So, we retired 3 Cocker moms and Miss Ginger, to wonderful loving families.  Willow and Jeter had a beautiful litter of mini Goldendoodles born 7/23/23. Info and pictures on her page. Miss Daisy is an AKC miniature Poodle, 11lbs, blue merle parti.  She has 2 red female mini poodles available on her page.  Ruby had 3 Cinnamon Cockapoo pups with Jeter, 8/30/23.  Only Penny will be expecting her last litter, due Nov and pups to go home in January.

We are located in Sunny Northern
    California,  Sacramento area
Visitors are welcome to come see pups and parents.

Hello and Welcome to The Homestead.
I'm Elizabeth and starting in 2007, we bred only AKC American Cocker Spaniels and 2nd Gen Cockapoo puppies as a hobby.   
                     MY FAVORITE HOBBY!!!

    In 2019, We started making mini doodles. These pups are smaller versions of the beautiful F1b Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.  There is a large demand for these smaller hypoallergenic beautiful healthy teddy bear pups. 

   So now, in 2023, at the Homestead, we make only 1st Generation Cockapoos, and Mini Doodles.

     Jeter, is our stud, 8 lb Toy poodle, for most litters of Cockapoos and Mini Doodles.  He will make smaller Cockapoos, more in the 12-17lbs range, depending on size of Mom. The mini doodles are F1bb and mostly poodle. They are in the 15-20lb range.  

​Check out our individual pages for:
1st Gen Cockapoos 
and Mini Doodles.